Five minute Breakfast Burrito

I fix breakfast for my husband every weekday morning. On those mornings he's hit the "snooze" button a few too many times, I need a breakfast he can grab and eat on his way to work. This "cooked in the microwave" Breakfast Burrito is my solution.


1 8-inch flour tortilla
1 egg
1 tsp water
2 Brown n' Serve sausages
1 slice American or Cheddar cheese

According to package directions, cook your sausages in the microwave and cool slightly. Split in half, lengthwise.

Crack egg into a small container (I use a microwavable measuring cup) with water, and whisk with a fork until thoroughly mixed. (Do NOT add salt until eggs are cooked!) Place in microwave and set to cook on High for 1 minute. After 20 - 25 seconds (when eggs are about half-cooked), open up microwave and whisk the eggs again, mixing the cooked in with the uncooked. Return to microwave and cook until desired consistency - about 15 to 20 more seconds.

Assemble your Breakfast Burrito by putting the slice of cheese on first (I didn't have sliced American, so used a few slices of sharp cheddar), topped with the split sausages, then adding the scrambled eggs. Salt and pepper to taste.

Roll the up as you would a Burrito. Return it to the microwave for 10 seconds on High - just enough to melt the cheese and re-heat the sausage.
Wrap in aluminum foil by folding up one end, then two sides, leaving one end to fold over last. This makes it easier to open and eat from one end in the car!

Put a fresh cup of coffee in a travel cup, hand him a napkin and his Breakfast Burrito, and he's on his way!

The cost of this filling breakfast? About 43 cents!


Karen said...

Great's on my list.

beebee said...

I plan to try this one morning.
I look forward to seeing the different recipes you put on this site.